In my business, tomorrow will be different

My team needs to be ready

In my business, tomorrow will be different

Our leaders need to embrace change

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Our focus areas

Developing future ready leaders who co-create profitable, sustainable and joyful businesses


Organizational Transformation

We catalyze systemic change in organizations through building alignment around vision, mission and values, changing culture and developing the capacity of internal coaches, trainers and i-Catalysts.


Leadership Development

We develop a pipeline of future ready Wholesome Leaders™ who can steer your organization on the path to joyful and sustainable growth which delivers value to all stakeholders.


Developing Collaboration

We enable individuals and teams to work together in a truly appreciative, open and creative way through co-creating vision, fostering conversations, being more conscious and making commitments.



Our assessment solutions give insights about individual personalities that help to accelerate learning and change. Our facilitators are experienced in deploying world leading psychometric tools.

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How can we work together towards your business goals?

We work as your strategic learning partner for a holistic approach to leadership development in your organization

Business has changed

Organizations today operate in a dynamic, competitive and connected environment which require leaders to demonstrate agility, accountability, innovativeness and prudent risk taking.

Organizations need leaders to

  • Enable people to work cohesively and leverage each other’s strengths.
  • Change their perspective such that they are ready to meet future challenges.
  • Transform organizational vision, mission and culture to drive resilience, operational robustness and encourage creativity.

The new business landscape requires Wholesome Leaders™

Wholesome Leaders™ understand, imbibe and demonstrate these concepts over a long period of time through experience. However, it is possible to consciously accelerate this process, through creative, well designed interventions.

We design and execute Leadership Development programs for your specific needs

Our methodology has been developed and enhanced over the hundreds of assignments we have worked on, and starts diagnostic phase, where your leadership needs are defined, leading to the design and execution of the program and followed by sustained learning support.

The Wholesome Leader



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Latest Case Studies

Enhancing Internal Training Skills

A company in the Banking and Financial Services sector was looking to enhance the skills of internal trainers to facilitate programs of greater business connect and impact.

Accelerated Manager Development

Accelerating the development of high potential middle and senior managers by imparting critical competencies for new responsibilities.

Creating a Synergistic Environment

Creating a common vision among cross-functional teams.


Leadership Summit “Shifting face of Leadership” & Wholesome Leadership award

MCCIA Leadership Summit “Shifting face of Leadership” and Wholesome Leadership award, Friday, 23rd   September 2016, 9.30 am to 5.0 pm, Bajaj Gallery, MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC, Fifth floor, Senapati Bapat Marg Pune -16

Session by Dr. Arun Wakhlu on 'Navigating Disruption with Wholesome Leadership'

The future of the environments in which businesses operate will become even more chaotic and turbulent going forward. This will require a very different kind of leadership compared to what may have worked well in the past. This session explores the practices of Wholesome Leadership that will facilitate a more participatory and innovative  style of Leadership anchored in the context of what is happening around us today.

Date: 1st September, 2016 (Thursday) Time: 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm
Venue: BMA Sea-view Conference Room, 9 Podar House, A Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020 (TBD)

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