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The Pragati Story:

Set up in 1988, Pragati Leadership was born out of the founders’ vision of creating organizations and work environments where individuals draw upon their passion and creativity to contribute their best.

This was a radical idea at that time, when the prevalent industry practice was to view people simply as a resource to generate ‘output’ or execute tasks.

Over the years, we have developed our unique approach in the area of people development, applying philosophies and practices such as mindfulness and meditation to catalyse people towards ‘joyful effectiveness’.

Our focus areas

Developing future ready leaders who co-create profitable, sustainable and joyful businesses

Organizational Transformation

We catalyze systemic change in organizations through building alignment around vision, mission and values, changing culture and developing the capacity of internal coaches, trainers and i-Catalysts.

Leadership Development

We develop a pipeline of future
ready Wholesome Leaders™ who can steer your organization on the path to joyful and sustainable growth
which delivers value to
all stakeholders.

Developing Collaboration

We enable individuals and teams to work together in a truly appreciative, open and creative way through co-creating vision, fostering conversations, being more conscious and making commitments.


Our assessment solutions give insights about individual personalities that help to accelerate learning and change.
Our facilitators are experienced in deploying world leading
psychometric tools.

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How can we work together towards your business goals?

We work as your strategic learning partner for a holistic approach to leadership development in your organization

Business has changed

Organizations today operate in a dynamic, competitive and connected environment which require leaders to demonstrate agility, accountability, innovativeness and prudent risk taking.

Organizations need leaders to

  • Enable people to work cohesively and leverage each other’s strengths.
  • Change their perspective such that they are ready to meet future challenges.
  • Transform organizational vision, mission and culture to drive resilience, operational robustness and encourage creativity.

The new business landscape requires Wholesome Leaders™

Wholesome Leaders™ understand, imbibe and demonstrate these concepts over a long period of time through experience. However, it is possible to consciously accelerate this process, through creative, well designed interventions.

We design and execute Leadership Development programs for your specific needs

Our methodology has been developed and enhanced over the hundreds of assignments we have worked on, and starts diagnostic phase, where your leadership needs are defined, leading to the design and execution of the program and followed by sustained learning support.

The Wholesome Leader

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Publications from our Thought leaders

Arun Wakhlu

About the Author

Arun is a true believer in the concept of One Wholesome World: a world which is joyful, socially just and healthy for all (including future generations) co-created by communities of people who are living and leading consciously.

He is the author of award winning and insightful book “Managing from the heart”. He is also the co- author of four books and over 30 papers. A man of varied interests, Arun enjoys conversations from the heart, meditation, graphic recording, dancing and creative writing.

Books by Arun Wakhlu

One Wholesome World

This book is for women and men dedicated to loving action and service…..for all who want to make a difference and need guidance on how to do it. It is for Leaders in Business, Students, Teachers, People in Public Governance, NGOs and all agents of change.

One Wholesome WorldView More

Managing from heart

This book addresses the challenge of combating the growing levels of stress, disenchantment and frustration among people at work. The book, advocates a new and holistic paradigm that synthesizes ancient wisdom with modern principles of management.

Managing from heart

Anu Wakhlu

About the Author

Co-founder and Executive Director of Pragati Leadership and Pragati Foundation – that is Anu for you. She is best known for ‘making things happen’ through her patience and perseverance. Her multi-skilled persona is exemplified in the diversity of programs she has helped to create. Women Enjoying Life and Learning (WELL), a program Anu facilitates for women is also something that is close to her heart. Anu is also a winner of All Grassroots Roots Women of the decade achievers award.

Book by Anu Wakhlu

Time & Life Management

We often wonder what the key to effectiveness and productivity is. Undoubtedly Time Management figures at the top of the list. Managing time is a larger issue than it seems. The very core of Time Mangement is in fact Life Management. A deeper look reveals that the whole game is in fact self-mastery and in living joyfully Here and Now.The promise of this ‘Experience Book’ is that it will alter the way you look at life and unfold effectiveness and powerful results.

Time & Life Management

Vibhas Joshi

About the Author

Vibhas is a very positive personality and is able to build relationships with people across age-groups and across different cultures. Being with Nature and Sports are his passions. Being in the midst of green trees and listening to the chirpy birds brings a great solace to his heart. And playing games like badminton or cricket gives him excitement and joy that he has always cherished. He believes in the strength of mind and the goodness of heart. Integrity and Respect to all are key parts of his value system.

Book by Vibhas Joshi

Tips and Templates Managerial Effectiveness

This book contains practical and proven Tips and Templates for being successful as a Manager. It is concise and crisp collection of powerful do’s and don’ts on topics that include Stakeholder management, Time management, Planning and tracking work, Decision making, Managing meetings, Dealing with VUCA, Giving and receiving feedback and several more. Anytime you need some guidance on any of the topics covered, use this book as your pocket Mentor.

Tips and Templates Managerial EffectivenessView More

Pragati Leadership

About the Author

In over three decades of experience of working across 29 countries with 800 organisations and 115000 leaders, we find more and more leaders talking about silos, limited paradigms. stress and anxiety as a way of being. In order to have deeper conversations, more connectedness, joy, compassion, freedom, celebrating and living wholeness in each moment, Team Pragati Leadership came up with this simple yet stimulating book. This is not just a book, but a call to inspired action.

Book by Pragati Leadership

Looking Beyond… Being one with life

Targets, deadlines, competition, etc. frighten us all. Expectations and the ever mounting demands and pressures from seniors, family, juniors, colleagues too sometimes become too much to handle. How do you deal with such pressures? Succumb to the stress or take steps to handle it? Looking Beyond… Being one with life is a book that addresses the challenges of fighting the rising levels of world-weariness, stress and frustration in our lives. Advocating a new and holistic paradigm that shows how we can bring joy and meaning to our lives. These lessons connect and unify all elements of your life – personal and professional. Featuring stories from real life with a bit of salt and a dash of pepper to get you thinking and doing!

Looking Beyond… Being one with life

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