Bonding For Greatness

  • Need

    The client had approached the Pragati Leadership to conduct a training program on building managerial excellence through team building for their senior managers. There were around 36 managers identified for this program.

  • Who Should Attend

    Senior Management

  • Group Size

    18 - 20 Participants

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Solution Category

To enhance the leadership and managerial competencies of senior managers to lead their teams effectively.


The company is focused on developing products to provide protecon against diseases impacng agricultural sectors in the developing world.


Around 68% of the participants reported positively on the commitments they had made during the program…..

A few clients from this program

Case Studies from this Program

Case Study in the Pharma Sector

The Client had approached Pragati Leadership to conduct a training programme on building managerial excellence through team building for senior managers.

Case Study in the FMCG Sector

Creating a common vision among the Sales and Marketing teams in the organization.
Need to create a unified team, innovate and stay open to change.
There was also a need to make the two teams feel equally valued and honored in the system.
It was critical for the two teams to understand the dynamics of the team and come together as a single team.

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