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Manufacturing – Chemical


The Client organisation has the vision “To be amongst the top four pigment players in the world by 2013-14”. In pursuit of this vision the organisation is focused on improving Employee Engagement. The client uses the Gallup – Q12 Employee Engagement Model to measure the levels of engagement in the organisation. The Gallup study done in Sep 2010 cited Performance Management as one of the key area of development to improve employee engagement. It also had highlighted the need to create a Leadership Competency Framework which could support other HR processes towards the development of employees which are training & development, career enhancement, etc.

The subsequent qualitative diagnostic study done by Pragati Leadership in March 2011 reconfirmed the need to not just relook at the Performance Management system and its effective implementation but also to design and implement a detailed Talent Management Framework. Designing and implementing Talent Management framework was identified as the foundation towards developing Global leaders and Great managers who in turn will be critical players towards improving employee engagement of the division.


The success of this project was tangibly seen by linkages established between the organizational balance scorecard, departmental metric and individual metric. This helped in establishing the clear line of sight for the employees at the levels of Leadership level L1-L3 for whom the implementation was taken up in phase 1.  It thus led to client requesting for a similar project implementation to its other 2 divisions in the organization.

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