Creating a Cohesive Work Environment


The client organization had identified ambitious growth plans and the new MD was looking at preparing the organization for the big leap.  He wanted to create a culture of can do spirit and impactful and competitive at the workplace.  They wanted to move forward to a world class system in the subsequent 6 months. They were having their annual conference and were looking at this as the launching platform.



Solution Category

A half day team building/bonding workshop for a large number of people from various functions to align themselves to the organization’s ambitious plans.


The entire team of 240 people were rejuvenated, motivated and aligned to the new growth plans and goals of the organization. The team understood and imbibed the key attitudes and behaviors that they needed to display for the realization of the goals. An organization wide process was implemented and rolled out so as to benefit not only the participants but the organization as a whole.

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