Creating High Potential Leaders


A group of operation managers and senior team leaders had been identified as high performance and high potential achievers.
The company wanted to empower them with leadership skills such as maturity, initiative, accountability and people orientation.

Solution Category

Structured development of potential young leaders to scale up to the next level of Leadership in the Organization.


The B2s at the 2nd level of leadership of the client organiztion were.  Currently the B2s were operating from a doer mindset instead of a leader. Their approach to work was only as a task to be completed. They focused only on numbers, metrics and score cards. They looked for decisions from their seniors rather than taking decisions themselves independently. In case of emergencies / crisis situations, they reacted instead of responding. They looked at their team as mere headcounts rather than people. Moreover they blindly emulated their senior’s leadership style.


The participants showed marked improvements in the leadership competencies scores after the program. A positive behavioral impact was observed by senior management and the participants’ own feedback was excellent as well.

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