Creativity For Everyone

Have you ever thought how applying creative solutions could significantly improve your engagement and overall productivity at the workplace?

Presenting a new and stimulating learning program from Pragati Leadership:
Creativity For Everyone

This is a unique program which enables you to unleash your creativity and develop your imagination to visualize new ways of approaching issues. This workshop will help you to break free of conventional thinking and show you the path of endless possibilities. You will learn to generate practical ideas and solve real-world problems.

A Forrester study found that “companies that embrace creativity outperform peers and competitors on key business performance indicators, including revenue growth, market share, and talent acquisition. They enjoy a high performance working environment, driven by progressive leaders and managers who provide processes, methods, and funding to back creative initiatives.”

Batches on

  • July 21st, 2018
  • Aug 11th, 2018
  • Sept 01th, 2018

Program fees

  • INR 12, 500/- + Taxes


  • Full day program

Special Offer

  • Book 2 or more participants @ INR 9,500/per person + Taxes
  • Book 4 or more participants @ INR 7,500/per person + Taxes

Why do logical thinkers need creativity?

Creative solutions are harbingers of change and result in revenue growth. Today’s competitive business environment requires every individual to contribute in a creative way to the organization.

Creativity transforms an ordinary workplace into a high performance workplace and helps to attract and retain talent.

There’s a need to find innovative solutions to complex problems and creativity opens up the doors to new ways of thinking and solutioning.

We support and mentor you beyond the workshop:

1-hour post workshop webinar

Interesting articles and videos to keep your creativity going

Key benefits for the participants

  • Experiential learning through practical application, self-awareness and global perspectives.
  • The course recognizes that creativity is present in everyone and helps to unlock it.
  • You gain knowledge through a fun, fast-paced and dynamic learning environment.
  • You get new perspectives and insights which are a life-changing experience.
  • Ability to take on greater responsibility and to meet complex business challenges.

Key benefits for the organization

  • Fosters an environment of mutual trust where employees are empowered, motivated, inspired, engaged, energised and proud.
  • Paradigm shift in thinking contributes to an increase in market share
  • Creates inspired and enterprising leaders who are committed to organisational goals


Vikas Bhatia, is an IIT Bombay alumnus, with more than 26 years of corporate experience under his belt. His diverse background encompasses product development, IT projects, supply chain management, people development and business strategy in international as well as domestic markets.

A decade of facilitation experience has seen him train leaders in several organizations like Mercedes Benz, Bayer, Sudarshan Chemicals, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Bajaj Auto Finance, Radio City and ISRO.

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