Healthy Workplace Relationships


The client company wanted Pragati Leadership Institute to train the internal trainers and create a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ module to train all the HODs and Section Heads, so that they, in turn, were equipped to train Supervisors and Line Engineers to have meaningful dialogues with the work force.



Solution Category

To build the interpersonal skills of team managers to enable them to have meaningful and deep relations with their team members


  • 53% of employees felt at ease expressing their feelings freely
  • 50% experienced an increase in the problem solving inclination of their manager
  • 63% experienced a better sense of recognition of the good work done by the employees
  • 87% showed an improvement in expressing their feelings with ease indicating a very good improvement in the organizational climate conducive to better performance
  • 75% experienced an increase in the level of interest shown by their manager in solving work related problems
  • 82% experienced an improvement in the clarity of instruction given to them
  • 80% felt that they were being listened to
  • 78% felt an increase in the encouragement given to them to ask questions
  • An increased active participation due to an atmosphere of co-operation and understanding was seen and also a higher level of trust between the employees and their manager was indicated
  • All the team members were encouraged to participate in the team process and contribute to the performance of the team in a friendly and cordial manner
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