Enjoying Challenges Together



The team head’s expectations from the sourcing team were:

  • Be a super team by being accountable for their deliverables
  • Raise the performance bar by improving on quality and delivery standards
  • Look for possibility in adversity by looking at issues as opportunities for improvement
  • To be able to provide timely and quality service to the production team
  • To improve their self- confidence and motivation



Solution Category

To energize and synergize the team to function as a cohesive unit that takes calculated risks and raises its own performance standards.


    The key highlights of success achieved as reported by the head of the team are:

    • 8.5 Crores of cost savings, highest in the history of the team
    • Significant improvement in supplier payables
    • Commitment from team improved – especially I-factor, Raise the Bar and Opportunity in Adversity worked very well
    • The team is in the right direction – they have understood the meaning of ‘Proactive’ and it reflects in their working now

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