Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

A program which provides executive leaders with advanced skills and knowhow for Strategic Leadership in a VUCA environment.


  • Learn organizational change management practices and motivators for effective performance
  • Develop a performance based culture aligned towards organization’s vision and mission

Why this Program

Driving organization for success and growth is a challenge for leaders in a disruptive economic environment. It not only requires leaders to energize the organization towards vision, but also provides strategic guidance.

Executive Leadership is a unique leadership programme which will help executive leaders to become powerful visionaries and enrol people in organizational transformation to the desired vision.

Key Benefits to the Participants

  • Increase confidence and clarity to drive strategic goals
  • Build abilities to influence stakeholders
  • Enhance perspectives on driving organizational transformation

Key Benefits to the Organization

  • Energize the Leaders and inspire teams to achieve the Vision
  • Align key stakeholders towards common goals


  • 3 to 5 days

Who should attend

  • Executive Leaders who drive growth of the organization


  • Understand, develop industry knowledge and best practices in the relevant market
  • Enhances knowledge of dealing with the current volatile and ambiguous business environment.

Building High Performance Teams

  • Build and motivate high performance teams to achieve organizational goals
  • Encourage team members to deliver value to the organization while gaining satisfaction from work

Self - Mastery

  • Application of self-mastery in creating a positive change in business, society and the world
  • Skills to deal with a diverse set of responsibilities and demands on time, while maintaining balance and control.


  • Skills and Attitude required to successfully leading and managing change initiatives in the organization
  • Encourage creativity and innovation among team members to achieve business success

Inspiring People

  • Instills confidence through influencing skills to deal with people from different cultures
  • Inspirational Communication skills to receive maximum positive output from team members while constantly keeping them motivated.

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Our Leadership Training Kit Uses

  • Presentation

  • Game/Activity

  • Role Plays

  • Discussion

  • Films

  • Storytelling

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