First Time Manager

The Company had a large number of Design Engineers, Software specialist or Domain Specialists. Currently there were about 500 Managers who were in the First Time Managers (FTM) category. Typically most of them were in the age group of 27 – 34 years. They had functional expertise and were excellent at their work. They needed to develop and hone their leadership and managerial skills. The company wanted to invest in the growth and development of these First Time Managers through a well-structured intervention.



Solution Category

Equipping the First Time Managers with the required knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to lead and manage teams successfully and effectively.


The Company is an IT service company in the Engineering Services Domain. The organization services include product design, analysis, prototyping & testing, embedded system design, manufacturing engineering, plant & construction engineering, asset information management and engineering process support using cutting-edge CAD / CAM / CAE technology in various domains. The company provides solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies Product and Project / Process related services are offered as part of the design part of the solution.


  • Leadership Competencies

    The Competencies related to Customer focus, Effective Communication, Team Leadership, Effective Execution, Directiveness and Achievement Orientation were identified at the first stage of intervention. These were assessed using the 180 Degrees Assessment – Self and Senior at the Pre and Post Programme Level. Average scores of all the participants on these competencies in the pre intervention stage was 3.4 which reached 4; a significant increase of 0.6 towards the end of the intervention. There had been 15 to 25% average improvement in each competency.

  • Team Management

    The seniors observed that the way the participants interacted with their teams has improved. Their team bonding had also improved. They were able to deal with conflict effectively within their teams. They were focusing on developing other team members. They led the feedback sessions independently and also gave “constructive feedback" with ease and comfort. Their confidence level had gone up and hence could handle the team better. They had acquired good people management skills and that has helped get the job done. There had been a marked difference in their coaching and grooming skills. There was more openness in the team and people were candid in discussing their personal challenges.

  • Personal Excellence

    Their approach to work had changed. They were more organized and proactive. The quality of the work had gone up. They were able to take developmental feedback positively and worked on the inputs given. As a result, they took up a challenging project with tight timelines, and delivered it well. They had also become assertive when giving feedback during appraisals. Aspects like self-control, maturity & not losing temper, maintaining a uniform temperament has been observed. They were open to ideas and to change. They were seeking feedback on the deliverables.

  • Delegation

    They had started delegating more. Their delegation skills had further enhanced and there was less micro-management. They could get things done from people. This helped them in focusing on other things. The trust in their team had gone up. They were making a transition from an IC to a manager.

  • Time Management

    There was a major change in time management. The planning and prioritization had improved. The focus was on meeting deadlines. The time estimation had improved resulting in saving time. This led in reducing the senior’s follow-up.

  • Communication skills

    There was an improvement in the communication & interpersonal skills. Communication with the on-site team was more effective. Interpersonal skills with the team had improved. One major change observed was active listening. They were using a more participative approach and that was helping the work.

  • Accountability

    They were taking more responsibility now and their ownership had improved. They were well prepared for client calls, anticipated and prepared for questions on customer calls. Started displaying "self-initiative" and belief that career growth was in their hands.

  • Client Focus

    Handled a tough customer well, earlier were getting poor feedback from the client. They fixed it and got very good feedback. The focus was on talking to the customer more and build a very strong relationship with the customer.

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