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  • Lokendra Kumar Devangan

    Senior Manager

    Best And Highly Engaging Training Program

    I am fortunate to attend leadership training by Mr Vibhas Joshi multiple times. The sessions are always engaging and interactive. He engages with all the attendees. Vibhas covered topic like decision taking, time management, prioritization,stakeholder management etc. in the context of my day to day management responsibilities. Learning from the training have been very useful in my leadership and managerial journey. Role play sessions helped me in applying learning immediately.Techniques/methods shared in the training for time management, prioritization and decision making are always useful in handling difficult situations.I will never miss these training if I am given the opportunity to attend. Thank you Pragatileadership and Vibhas for conducting a wonderful training program.

    • Leadership Development
    • Vibhas Joshi
    • Core Compete
    • 19-12-2018
  • Soumi Alphons

    Head Human Resources

    Great Program

    We would like to thank Vibhas for his efforts in designing and executing the \\\"Leaders at all Levels\\\" program for SAS Research and Development, India. His program received great feedback from the participants. The participants got what they expected out of the program. We wish to thank you for your dedication to the effort and look forward to more programs like this.

    • Leaders at All Level
    • Vibhas Joshi
    • SAS Research Development
    • 09-03-2018
  • Rahul Palshikar


    Personal Leadership

    Training is well designed & delivered.

    • Personal Leadership
    • Kapil Dhatingan
    • Ferrero India PVT LTD
    • 28-02-2019
  • Minal Surve


    Good Facilitator


    • personal Leadership
    • Kapil Dhatingan
    • Ferrero
    • 28-02-2019
  • Rajdeepsinh Chauhan

    Senior officer

    Very Nice Training On Leadership

    Kapil was very interactive during the training. He engaged well with us. The content was very well prepared

    • Personal leadership
    • Kapil Dhatingan
    • Ferreroindia.pvt.ltd
    • 28-02-2019
  • Ritesh kumar patro

    Assistant manager

    Feedback Of Training

    Very good and effective training schedule.

    • Personal leadership
    • Kapil Dhatingan
    • Ferrero india pvt ltd
    • 28-02-2019
  • Shivani Raina


    One Of The Best Workshops!

    One of the Best workshop I have ever attended. Trainers made sure that in this 2-day workshop, we can get as much practice as we can. we got one-on-one feedbacks, which helped us to know the individual areas for improvement. The trainers made sure that we have a fun learning environment.Great work,... Aman and Sharat Thanks a lot.

    • Presenting Skills workshop
    • Sharat Paul
    • BMC Software
    • 06-06-2018
  • Abhishek Gadkari

    Staff Assurance Analyst

    Great Job!

    This was probably the only workshop where I was not looking at the watch to know when it was finishing. Great job Sharat Paul & Aman Zaidi...!!!

    • Presentation Skills
    • Aman Zaidi
    • BMC Software
    • 01-06-2018
  • Satish Bhanushali



    Concepts shared for improving creativity were awesome.

    • Creativity For Everyone
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Highway Concessions One Private Limited
    • 11-08-2018
  • Trupti Nayak


    Great Approach

    It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Vikas Bhatia, whom I first interacted with during my tenure at REICO Industries 5 years back. He came with a fresh surge of energy, modern ideas and concepts, wiped the dust off our traditional vision and approach and gave our Team a view of how high we can reach. A great listener, I genuinely appreciated his approach, methodology, delivering style and focus on outcome of the sessions conducted. There was no blanket application of management or personal development orthodoxy, instead I found a tailored approach which was insightful, commercially pertinent and deeply engaging for the managers involved. Vikas was involved in each and every process and worked at the grass root level to understand and diffuse mental blocks and create a monitoring and evaluation process, which succeeded wonderfully. On a personal level, he has helped me to understand what I am best at with concepts like IKIGAI, that I had the power to achieve what I set my mind on. I believe Vikas is an inspiring example of a true trainer and has given me wings.

    • Business Consulting
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Media Vidya
    • 06-06-2018
  • Yashwant Singh

    Technical Support Analyst


    The training given was awesome. Structure of the workshop was very good. The trainers were very good. The workshop has really helped us in making better and impactful presentation.

    • Presentation Skills
    • Aman Zaidi
    • BMC software
    • 01-06-2018
  • Savita

    Sr SQA Engineer

    The Workshop Was Full Of Enthusiasm

    The workshop was full of enthusiasm. We had practical exercises and saw improvements the next day. The workshop is very Helpful to improve in next 3-4 months. Two days training was complete fun. Without looking at the clock covered lot many presentations and got really good feedback from both the trainers Sharat and Aman. Thanks a lot Sharat and Aman.

    • Presentation Skill Workshop
    • Sharat Paul
    • BMC Software
    • 04-06-2018
  • Suhas Patil

    Sr Network Ops Control Specialist

    Expressive And Enthusiastics

    Initially questioned to see two facilitator and as the programme continued we realized that how essential it is to have two instead of one as they never let the agenda dropped and carried it out by being more expressive and made sure the enthusiasm is upheld.

    • Presentation Skill Workshop
    • Aman Zaidi
    • BMC Software
    • 30-05-2018
  • Kunal Khurana

    Asst. Manager

    Excellent Content

    Excellent content- focus on strengths and how we should leverage them is great. As a facilitator, Vikas was brilliant. He engaged the audience for the entire duration and was effective in delivering the key messages with specific focus areas and ways to run the exercise at the sub team level. A highly recommended workshop for folks in mid management positions.

    • Strengthscope Assessment
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • KPMG
    • 24-01-2018
  • Mahendra Pawar

    Technical Support Analyst

    Training Content Was Spot On

    Training was very helpful and content spot on. Trainers (I am talking about Sharat Paul and Aman Zaidi) were helpful and very talented. I enjoyed it a lot and I have witnessed the positive changes within me. I wish to get these kinds of trainers for the future training programs. Happy to be part of this training.

    • Presentation Skills
    • Aman Zaidi
    • BMC
    • 13-06-2018
  • Suvankar Das

    Business Manager

    Good Program

    Hager Leadership Development Program was given to the future leader of our company. It was very good program and helped us a lot. The content was developed with Hager the then business perspective in mind. The workshops were well coordinated and engaging. The handouts were crisp and useful for future reference. I would highly recommend this program for others who want to develop leadership skill for their organisation.

    • HLDP
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Hager Electro
    • 25-06-2018
  • Shamanth Kunthe

    Sr. Engineer

    Much Needed Training

    Much needed training at this point of time. Thank you so much!

    • Time Management
    • V. Kishore Kumar
    • EagleBurgmann India Pvt Ltd
    • 15-06-2018
  • Ganesh Bhosale

    Divisional manager

    Excellent Trainer

    Trainer was having excellent subject knowledge and a very right methodology and tools to convey same

    • Power of Visioning
    • Niloufer Aga
    • Fiat India Automobiles
    • 12-07-2018
  • Chanchal Singh

    Branch Manager

    Excellent Program

    Excellent Program and it will definitely help me in future. ROI calculation shared was good

    • communicate and influence to win
    • Manish Gupta
    • wilo mather and platt pumps pvt ltd
    • 02-07-2018
  • Shailesh V Bangale

    Project Manager

    Unique Methodologies

    Good brainstorming session to know how to deal with problems.. Mentioned techniques will help to improve our skills. Will definitely use these techniques to improve our skill sets.

    • Creativity For Everyone
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Instron Technologies LLP
    • 11-08-2018
  • Anjali sinkar

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Good Program!

    Program is good and enabled quick learning in a short time

    • Creativity For Everyone
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Instron Technologies LLP
    • 11-08-2018
  • Sneha Mirgule

    Asst. Manager

    Great Training

    Training was too good. With the help of this training we can try to solve our problems using new creative ideas..

    • Creativity
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Highway Concessions one pvt ltd
    • 11-08-2018
  • Sangram Kesari Samal

    Head Training

    Great Involvement!

    Vikas has an uncanny ability to quickly understand and relate to any business scenario. He could design apt business case studies for our assessment center with limited briefings from my side. Even the debriefing of the activities were made lively as participants could immediately relate to his business examples of our company. I must appreciate that he has responded to my queries even at odd hours of the day. It was both fun and learning working with Vikas and other team members from Pragati.

    • Assessment and Development Center
    • Vikas Bhatia
    • Bajaj Auto Finance
    • 05-06-2018

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