High Impact Leadership Coaching


A 75 year old company with a global presence needed to coach managers to adapt to global diversity and also to tap into their real potential to achieve goals and focus on opportunities.




This organization has been associated with the metals Industry for over 75 years and today is acknowledged as a world leader in the supply of consumable products for use in the foundry industry with a presence in 32 countries and major facilities in Germany, USA, UK, Brazil, China, India, South Korea and Japan.


Research has shown that there is a high impact in learning through coaching and ongoing reviews rather than from just using “training” as an intervention.

Within 100% time compliance framework a drastic improvement was observed in the leaderships development needs of the coachee. The fact that the coachee developed her own thinking and strategies helped in sustainability of the process. A marked improvement was witnessed in coachee’s level of engagement, assertive communication, proactiveness and responsiveness.


In context of cultural sensitivity skills for more effective cross-cultural interactions and delegation of work have been deployed. What followed is a high degree of ownership and self motivation.

This is what the coachee’s superior had to say, “The consensus is that she has made significant progress along the objectives, demonstrated by:

  • Leadership, demonstrated in a significant meeting
  • Continuous improvement through dedication to learning
  • Development of 'gravitas' - to hold her own in meetings, demonstrated in an important conference.
  • Leading a finance team reorganisation.
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