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This program was conducted for trainers within the Learning and Development departments of organizations, as well as independent facilitators, to further enhance their facilitation skills. The program enabled them to move from a view of ‘training as an event’ to ‘learning as a process’.


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Develop facilitators to further hone their training skills so as to engage groups of employees at their current organizations. Over the past decade, Pragati Leadership Institute has trained over 900 trainers to become impactful facilitators through similar Train-the-Trainer programs.


The Inspiring FacilitatorTM program at Pragati Leadership has been certified by the International Institution of Facilitation (INIFAC), USA. INIFAC was established in 2003 to develop a certification program at the master’s level that would achieve several objectives. Their certification provides a confirmation and assurance that the facilitation training course provides the knowledge, resources, practice sessions and modelling that demonstrate what a person using master facilitator skills needs to know and how a person using master facilitator competencies needs to work. A world class association of master facilitators themselves, INIFAC has certified the Inspiring FacilitatorTM program as a robust process that helps trainers build certain competencies.

As part of the participation process, a criterion for individuals attending the open program was prescribed. It was necessary for participants to have a minimum of 3 years of practicing as an in-house trainer or 3 years as a freelance trainer or 100 hours of training. Further, prior to these requirements, the individual should have attended a basic Train the Trainer course.


All participants gave the program an overall assessment of ‘excellent’. Some verbatim comments are:

  • “INIFAC program was a very unique workshop that was very exhaustive yet so invigorating. One major take away from this workshop is the practical learning which is imparted through various theories/activities/games. Understanding the different perspectives and coming up with a program that meets the expectations of each participant is a great learning for me. Any leadership role in an organisation needs to understand and play the role of a facilitator with finesse to succeed. Hence I would highly recommend this program.”
    - INIFAC participant

  • “ It was a wonderful experience not only in terms of the learning but also the spiritual connection. I was given opportunity in terms of participation. Great level of synergy was created in the group.”
    - INIFAC participant

  • “A great learning experience, technically there was a lot of learning. I am taking along a part from the lovely network I have built.”
    - INIFAC participant

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