Leader as a Coach

  • Pragati Leadership had earlier conducted a two-day mentoring skills workshop for the senior management personnel to equip them with the required knowledge and skills for mentoring.

  • The client then approached the Pragati Leadership again to build the coaching competencies of the same senior management personnel.

  • The client had not defined or identified a mentoring process within the organization, neither had they identified mentees for the trained mentors leading to a situation where there were no forums for the application of the skill learnt.



Solution Category

To enable leaders to beer develop their team members through the use of Coaching as a tool.


Some parcipants applied the skills learnt and reported :

  • Good to revise the coaching manual, and model beforehand. We feel we know, but when we revise, you realize how much you forget.
  • Book a separate room (as against your office for coaching)
  • Sometimes the coachee is not aware of what to expect from the session. The coachee in this case wrote in an email as he set up the me for the session stang “he was happy to have a mentor like me”. Explain beforehand what to expect from coaching or what not to expect of coaching (it is not mentoring or therapy etc.).
  • Set the stage and re-iterate what the coaching sessions can help in
  • It is hard somemes to focus on one goal. There are mulple problems that the coachee speaks about, and it will take some pracce to narrow down the problem into praccal buckets.
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