Leader of Leaders

Great leaders inspire, motivate and develop future leaders to drive execution excellence.


By attending this Leadership Development program, you will learn processes, tools and techniques to:

  • Build on essential leadership skills, attitudes and learn advanced techniques.
  • Inspire and develop leaders to achieve execution excellence.
  • Learn to lead and manage direct reportees who themselves are managers of teams

Why this Program

Leadership development is an art which needs to be nurtured in a progressive way. It is important to implement necessary leadership skills with maximum efficiency.

Pragati Leadership’s Leader of Leaders programme will align leaders towards big picture thinking and bring culture conducive to leadership development.

Key Benefits to the Participants

With this Leadership Training, participants would be able to:

  • Understand Leadership role and deal effectively with firefighting and operational excellence
  • Create a shared vision with the team
  • Innovative ideas and big picture thinking for significant improvement in decision making

Key Benefits to the Organization

With this Leadership Training, organization would be able to:

  • Effective and Agile deployment of organizational resources among functional units
  • Improve attention to the development of the first line managers
  • Improve management of the interface among functional units
  • Enhance collaboration across the functional units


  • 2 Days

Who should attend

  • Leaders who are managing managers. Typically, more than 5 years of managerial experience

Inspiring people

  • Styles of Influencing (Push and Pull) and skills required for influencing
  • Leadership and Inspirational communication
  • Self-Mastery, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Preparing for the Future

  • Value of Big Picture Thinking
  • Future Oriented Thinking
  • Innovation in highly competitive environment

Developing people

  • Importance and various methods of People Development
  • Career planning for future growth
  • Leveraging diversity for Team Effectiveness

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Achieving Business Results

  • Conflict Management in the team and cross functional units
  • Demonstrate systematic and objective Decision Making
  • Critical success factors for Execution Excellence

Our Leadership Training Kit Uses

  • Presentation

  • Game/Activity

  • Role Plays

  • Discussion

  • Films

  • Storytelling

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