Executive Leadership

Practices to provide Visionary and Strategic Leadership in a interconnected VUCA world.


Impart knowledge and practice in advanced skills and attitudes required to provide visionary and

strategic leadership

to organizations and functions in a VUCA environment and on global landscape.


  • Business Acumen

    This module aims at providing participants with an understanding of developing industry knowledge and best practices in the relevant market.

  • Dealing with unpredicatable and complex situations

    This module enhances participants’ knowledge of dealing with the current volatile and ambiguous business environment.

Self Mastery

  • Executive Presence

    This module provides participants with the knowledge of application of self mastery towards creating a positive change in business, society and the world.

  • Stress Management

    This module equips participants with the necessary skills to deal with a diverse set of responsibilities and demands on time, while maintaining balance and control.

Inspiring People

  • Influencing across the globe

    This module instills confidence in participants to better deal with people from different cultures.

  • Inspirational Communication

    This module guides participants on using communication skills to receive maximum positive output from team members while constantly keeping them motivated.

Build Teams

  • Leadership Pipeline

    This module provides participants with guidelines to build the right leadership pipeline, and the skills to select and cultivate leaders.

  • Mentoring

    This module guides participants on encouraging team members to deliver value to the organization while gaining satisfaction from their work.


  • Leading Change

    This module provides participants with the learning process, skills and attitude required for successfully leading and managing change initiatives in the organization.

  • Championing Innovation

    This module guides participants on encouraging creativity and innovation among team members, as a means to achieve business success.

  • Execution Excellence

    This module introduces powerful principles for achieving executional excellence, to participants.

Case Studies for this Program

Case Study in the Product Manufacturing Sector

For the top leaders (Directors and above) a

Leadership Development Program

was required to equip them with the skill-sets to lead the organizational vision. As part of this :

• Tools ( psychometric tests/assessment centers/role plays/simulations ) to identify the individual skill gaps to perform their roles needed to be identified
• Identification of individual areas of strengths and weaknesses against the roles they are required to perform vs the gap
• Individual development plan was to be created for every participant

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