First Time Leader

What makes the Pragati Leadership FTL programme unique

  • Self Mastery

    Brings the dimension of developing self-mastery as the foundation for being a successful leader

  • Understanding challenges

    Enables the realization that the challenges for succeeding in the future are different from those of the past

  • Experiential learning

    Emphasis on experiential learning methods that enhance the learning effectiveness

  • Customized content

    Content customized to meet your organization's specific needs

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Build an understanding of the role of Leader and the competencies required. Provide knowledge and practices of the essential skills and attitudes required for effective transition to leadership role.

Who Should Attend ?

Entry level leaders – People transitioning to role of people Manager from being an individual contributor.

Competencies covered

  • Stakeholder management

  • Achieving results
  • Developing people
  • Self-Mastery

The program addresses the following topics

  • Role of the

    First Time Leader

  • Understanding the implications of transitioning from an Individual Contributor to a Manager of People.
  • Self-mastery
  • Stakeholder expectation management

  • Achieving results through people
    • Understanding people (beliefs, values, empathy, listening)
    • Building trust
    • Work allocation – skill-will matrix, effective delegation
  • Developing people
    • Setting objectives, tracking performance and giving feedback
    • Understanding what motivates people
    • Creating work environment that fosters motivation


  • Experiential learning
  • Ample use of role plays, real life examples, discussions and experience sharing
  • Story-telling and case studies
  • Video clips


  • Time Management
  • Communication

Case Studies for this Program

Case Study in the IT / ITES Sector

The client company wanted a program for their first level managers. The intended audience were new managers in the company. The objective of the program was to help them transition from the role of an individual contributor to that of a people manager.

Typically, the first level managers had an overall experience of 7-9 years and had software engineers reporting to them. They were in the age group of 27–30 years. They in turn reported to project managers. They were looking to deploy this program to 550 first level managers over the next 12 months.

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