The Pragati Difference

Our Organization and Philosophy

Pragati Leadership™ supports organizations that develop future-ready leaders who catalyse change across teams, businesses, society and the planet at large.
Our belief is that people are at the heart of every organization and it is they who drive the business forward by building the organization’s strategy and driving operational efficiencies.
For over 25 years we have worked with more than 600 organizations to transform leaders and build sustainable businesses by combining the result-oriented thinking of the west with the mindfulness and spirituality of the east.
Headquartered in Pune, we have operations in 3 other Indian cities and have delivered value in over 25 countries around the world.


Our unique approach to

leadership development

is what enables the transformation of individuals and organizations:

  • Methodology that combines eastern spirituality with systematic thinking
  • A practical approach to leadership development
  • Facilitating a measurable improvement in leadership capability
  • Customized

    leadership programs

    to meet specific requirements


The Pragati Story:

Set up in 1988, Pragati Leadership™ was born out of the founders’ vision of creating organizations and work environments where individuals draw upon their passion and creativity to contribute their best.

This was a radical idea at that time, when the prevalent industry practice was to view people simply as a resource to generate ‘output’ or execute tasks.

Over the years, we have developed our unique approach in the area of people development, applying philosophies and practices such as mindfulness and meditation to catalyse people towards ‘joyful effectiveness’.

Pragati Foundation

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for Women Empowerment through entrepreneurship


Guiding young people to build their careers based on abilities, interests and aptitudes

The Vision, Mission and Values that we live by

Our Vision – One Wholesome World

Inspiring a movement of Wholesome Leadership in the world so that people, including us, can lead more fulfilled lives


To be a trusted partner in an organization’s journey to ‘wholesomeness’ through delivery of high impact solutions in the area of:

  • Developing wholesome leaders
  • Building collaborative work practices
  • Catalyzing organizational development through people, processes and practices

Our Values

  • Self mastery
  • Integrity
  • Customer centricity
  • Passionate ownership
  • Collaboration

Why Pragati Leadership

A Wholesome Approach to Leadership Development

Meet Our Team

Highly qualified facilitators, consultants and coaches with valuable hands on corporate work experience to draw upon. Our team includes several former CxOs and has conducted thousands of programs for a varied set of organizations with many different challenges in the space of Leadership Development, Building Collaboration and

Organisational Transformation

Our Facilitators

The world class certifications of our team ensure the highest standards of training:

  • Train the Trainer: 13 certified facilitators
  • Strengthscope: 10 certified facilitators
  • Executive Coaching: 9 certified facilitators
  • MBTI: 7 certified facilitators


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