Leading in a VUCA world

With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, developing Strategic Mindset is vital for Leaders to formulate and execute strategies in an organization.


By attending this Leadership Development program, you will learn processes, tools and techniques to:

  • Define VUCA world and its implications for Leadership and Business
  • Learn attitudes/ qualities/ key skills to lead in a VUCA world
  • Initiate actions to scan the inner and outer environments for opportunity
  • Develop people/ organizational culture to be resilient and productive in turbulent times

Why this Program

Business environment today is highly dynamic and complex. Organizations need to not only manage clients, employees and stakeholders but also Political, Social and Environmental factors effectively. To thrive in a VUCA world, organizations must accelerate the development of cognitive readiness in high potential leaders.

Leading in a VUCA world is a leadership development program to develop and articulate a clear vision and strategy to drive organization’s actions to succeed in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

Key Benefits to the Participants

With this Leadership Training, participants would be able to:

  • Understand VUCA world and its implications on Leadership and Business
  • Engage leaders in the VUCA age to develop an arsenal of technology to stay ahead
  • Build leadership agility and Learn innovative ways to strengthen competitive edge to sustain in VUCA world

Key Benefits to the Organization

​ By attending this program, organization would be able to:

  • Construct an organization culture of change and capable of organizational transformation
  • Build organizational capabilities in acquiring the qualities to lead in a VUCA world
  • Foster organizational culture of resilience and productivity in turbulent times


  • 2 Days

Who should attend

  • Leaders who want to thrive in the challenging VUCA world

Creating a Vision

  • Traditional Leadership Style vs VUCA Leadership
  • Creating a clear vision to counteract VUCA

Complexity to Clarity

  • Understanding complexity, interdependencies and globalization
  • Participatory problem solving
  • Big Picture Thinking

Volatility through Agility

  • Fast decision making – decisiveness
  • Winning the volatility battle by being agile

Ambiguity to Adaptability

  • Fast Experimentation and Continuous Learning (The OODA Loop)
  • Culture of Speedy execution

Uncertainty to Understanding

  • Mitigation to reduce risk and impact of uncertain environment
  • Frugal Innovation and Value Innovation

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Our Leadership Training Kit Uses

  • Presentation

  • Game/Activity

  • Role Plays

  • Discussion

  • Films

  • Storytelling

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