Leading Thy Self

Leadership development at the individual level to imbibe and apply critical attitudes that are the enablers of success.


By attending this Leadership Development program, you will learn processes, tools and techniques to:

  • Incorporate self-awareness to boost productivity
  • Use personal vision as a spring boat to excellence at workplace
  • Demonstrate components of taking ownership and execution excellence for self-leadership

Why this Program

Leadership Development starts by leading oneself first. Every individual needs to take charge of their own goals and work towards achieving excellence. This programme will help individual contributor to possess the necessary skills and knowledge that can lead to success.
Leading Thy Self is a unique Leadership Development program for individual contributors, to unleash their inner potential and to provide vital tools for exceling in performance.

Key Benefits for the Participants

With this Leadership Training, participants should be able to

  • Achieve higher self-awareness and focus at work
  • Increase capability to handle stress at work
  • Clarity of one’s role in the organization

Key Benefits for the Organization

With this Leadership Training, organization should be able to

  • Increase productivity and alignment towards organizational goal
  • Better employee engagement with ownership


  • 1 Day or 2 Days

Who should attend

  • All Individual Contributors at any level

Self-Awareness and Breaking Self Limiting beliefs

  • Concept of self-awareness through Emotional Intelligence
  • Sigmund Freud’s Iceberg model and Daniel Goleman’s Model
  • Addressing self-defeating beliefs and building confidence
  • Understand Authenticity

Time and Stress Management

  • Significance of Urgent-Important Matrix
  • Identify and work on Time Thieves
  • Managing stress

Accountability and Initiative

  • Taking accountability/initiative for your career and work
  • Importance of taking initiative and challenges at work
  • Circle of concern and Circle of influence

Navigating Change

  • Current environment of constant change
  • Zones and phases of change management
  • Continuous learning and inner transformation
  • Getting out of comfort zone
  • Facing the fear/s

SMART Goals and personal vision

  • Creating personal vision with clarity and purpose
  • What are SMART goals and creating SMART goals for both your role and vision

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Our Leadership Training Kit Uses

  • Presentation

  • Game/Activity

  • Role Plays

  • Discussion

  • Films

  • Storytelling

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