Manager Development Program


The client wanted the Pragati Leadership to work on the key competencies required to excel at the level of senior and middle level management, suggest tools to identify where the teams are vis-à-vis where they should be. For example, 360 degree assessment, psychometric tools, assessment centers etc. and also suggest a road map and plan of action to fill the above identified gaps in a span of 5–6 months.


Product Manufacturing

Solution Category

The ‘Manager Development Program’ (MDP) was proposed in order to build leadership skills at the managerial and senior managerial level. The intervention was a balanced mix of training and executive coaching sessions.


  • Behavioral Impact

    As part of the reviews, seniors of the participants of the MDP intervention provided feedback about the behavioral developments of their team members. Some comments have been listed below:
    “Communicating and providing leadership to her team... She is a lot more calm and does not take things personally or emotionally”
    “Communicating and general management responsibility, an attitude of not saying this is not my job.”
    “Smiling, communicating well with peers and fellow employees.”
    “The training is helping him in looking at things from a different perspective which is helping him analyze things better. Plus this training has brought him closer to many other managers, with whom he had very limited interaction.”
    “Has become very positive and has taken on challenges and has initiated the employee sale on his own, has taken pro-active steps towards improvement in service metrics in the Kolkata service center and has been inspiring his team to take on larger goals. He is already proving to be an inspiring leader and I think further improvements in self-mastery will follow”
    “More focused and assertive communication to the team highlighting the critical areas to pay attention to”
    “More proactive in reaching out and communicating to the key technical leaders of the team in evolving a technology roadmap for the group. More assertiveness in communication.”

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