Executive Presence

Executive Presence
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  • 17 Dec 2019
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There are some people whose presence is noticed in ways even when they don’t speak or act.  Executive presence is now counted as one of the essential competencies required for successful Leaders. This program will lead to incremental progress in your journey of developing Executive Presence by sharing the required ingredients and the recipe.

  • What is Executive Presence?
  • Importance of Executive Presence in your role
  • Components of Executive Presence -:
    • How do you Look Like,
    • How do you Sound Like
    • How do you make others feel?

Pragati Leadership model for Executive Presence:

1. How do you Look Like

  • Composed-Confident
  • Grooming
  • Additional Personal Attributes

2. How do you Sound Like

  • Communicating with Positivity – Optimism – Objectivity – Impact
  • Non-verbal Communication (Includes Body language, gestures, postures, facial expression, voice, movement and utilization of space)
  • Making your conversation engaging
  • Additional Personal Attributes

3. How do you make Others Feel

  • Creating safe  and inclusive space  for everyone
  • Additional Personal Attributes

Senior Leaders from all functions of the Organization whose role requires making their presence felt in various forums

At the end of the program, participants would be able to

  1. Recognize the importance of demonstrating Executive Presence in their current and future role
  2. Describe various attributes and abilities that act as the foundation for developing Executive Presence

Create an action plan to enhance their own Executive presence

Vivek Yatnalkar is a gold medalist in B. E (Production) and obtained M.Tech in Industrial Management from IIT, Madras. Vivek’s expertise in L/D-OD covers a diverse set of areas of solutions for Senior Top Management like Leadership Development Program, Executive Presence, Building and Motivating Teams. He is an ICF-PCC coach with over 1000+ hours of coaching experience. He is popular for using creative methods to his workshop, invigorating both left & right brains of participants via innovative design and methodologies. He has an added advantage of overseas work experience and connects with most of the issues faced by the many MNCs. He has undertaken several consulting and training assignments in the private sector as well as public sector environment.

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