Manager as a Coach

Manager as a Coach
  • Programme Fees - INR 10000
  • Early Bird Discount (Register before 23 Oct 2019) - INR 9000
  • 08 Nov 2019 - 09 Nov 2019
  • Pune
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“Do you want your Managers to develop their teams more effectively? Do you want your Managers to improve Team Productivity? Do you want your Managers to create high employee engagement? Then this course is for you.
With the millenials entering the workforce and hierarchies at workplaces shrinking rapidly, todays managers need Coaching skills more than ever. Manager using coaching approach is more empowering towards his/her employees, letting them take responsibility for their own development and improves overall ownership in the team.”

  • Context setting:
    The need for Coaching approach to managing teams, link between Coaching & employee performance, difference coaching, mentoring & counselling
  • Coaching mindset:
    Qualities of a good Manager as a Coach, creating coaching culture within the team, setting up the coaching engagement, coaching & non-coaching situations
  • Coaching skills & Competencies:
    Global standards for coaching competencies, Skills required for a coach such as Listening, Constructive feedback, asking questions, direct communication & more. How to develop & apply these in day to day work situations.Live Coaching demos and practice sessions with feedback
  • Coaching models and best practices:
    Pragati model – Coaching for Performance & Being, GROW model of coaching, different applications of Coaching such as Performance coaching, Skill building etc. Best practices of coaching engagement at workplace.

Middle and Senior level managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Functional Managers, Department Heads, anyone who is responsible for leading teams

  • Understand importance of Coaching in manager’s role
  • Understand the linkage between Coaching & team engagement
  • Discover the elements of Coaching mindset
  • Identify Coaching skills and competencies in manager’s role
  • Understand Pragati Leadership Coaching model, GROW model and other best practices
  • Experience Live Coaching demos and practice coaching sessions

Hemant Deshpande

  • Internationally certified Executive Coach with ICF ACC credential
  • 22 years of global experience in managerial and leadership roles
  • 5 years of experience coaching mid to senior level leaders across industry verticals
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