Alignment to the VMV

The client organization consisted of various Business Units. This was posing challenges in terms of:

  • Evolving a shared vision for the Company by the leadership team
  • Reinforcement of the brand promise: see what it meant to each individual and how it could be translated into behaviors
  • Integration and internalization of the values of the company by all
  • Role-modelling of the values by the senior leaders and understanding their role in promoting the culture of the company

In addition to the above, the company was also facing issues of:

  • Communication of good systems that were already present (For example, career mapping tool).
  • At the entry level:
    • While there were fun events, there were no serious developmental interventions
    • There was high attrition
  • Innovation was not happening
  • Shift the focus from the mid-section to the bottom of the pyramid since most of the initiatives were for the middle to top levels in the organization
  • Reduce “Intervention Fatigue” in the organization
  • The bottom and top layers of the pyramid needed to be energized and engaged
  • Getting people to understand the goals and strategy of the company

Solution Category

An intervention for a leading IT company to align and integrate itself and its various Business Units towards one vision, mission, values leading to a unified culture and cascading the same down the line.


  • The new Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Strategy for the Company was evolved
  • The new VMVGS was cascaded throughout the Company by the trained trainers. Around 7000 employees were covered through this initiative.

  • The feedback for the Cascade workshops was very positive and encouraging. The feedback on the sessions was 9.6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Key learnings for the employees were:
  • Got better insight to the organization.
  • Got aligned with the initiative.
  • Understanding of new value frame work.
  • Understanding of one Zensar & transformation to new values, mission & vision.
  • Integration, collaboration and strategy as one team.
  • Values, AMS practice update.
o Overall communication of vision, mission, goals, strategy & values helped understand future better.
  • Current status of AMS & where they want to be.
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