Creating Organizational DNA

Evolution and Enculturation of the Vision, Mission and Values


  • Building awareness and alignment at the leadership level
  • Roll out of the vision, mission and values across the organization
  • Enabling structures to support the vision and values in action

  • Who Should Attend?

    Senior leadership and cascade down to all levels

  • Duration

    5 Days


  • Diagnostic study and leadership offsite
  • Creation of specific behavioral indicators and communication plan
  • Training internal trainers
  • Integrating the vision and values into the HR and business practices

Indicative Program Content

  • Pre-program study to identify values of senior management and how these are perceived
  • Leadership Offsite to co-create powerful vision, mission and values and plan for organizational alignment
  • Highly participatory program incorporating a variety of learning methods
  • Creation of a communication pack to reach out to all levels within the organization
  • Training the internal trainers
  • Roll out, evaluation and course correction

Case Studies for this Program

Case Study in the IT Sector

The client organization consisted of various Business Units. This was posing challenges in terms of:

  • Evolving a shared vision for the Company by the leadership team
  • Reinforcement of the brand promise: see what it meant to each individual and how it could be translated into behaviors
  • Integration and internalization of the values of the company by all
  • Role-modelling of the values by the senior leaders and understanding their role in promoting the culture of the company

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