Personal Leadership – sample


  • Recognize the importance of being self aware to work and live more effectively
  • Understand and apply crucial elements of setting personal vision
  • Demonstrating components of taking ownership and execution excellence for self-leadership

Self Awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence

    This module facilitates a better understanding of the basics of emotional intelligence, as well as its need and benefit.

  • Iceberg Model

    This module delves into, Sigmund Freud’s Iceberg Model and covers concepts such as : What is the iceberg model? Why is it important to know your own as well as others’ ICEBERG in order to understand oneself and others

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Creating Personal Vision & Goals

  • Legacy

    This module guides participants to reflect on aspects such as: “What will be my legacy; What is my vision or dream in life?” as well as aspects of long term planning.

  • SMART Goal Setting

    This module facilitates effective goal setting which aid participants to understand what their personal and professional goals are.

Taking Ownership and Accountability

  • I & They Factors

    This module introduces participants to concepts such as “Zone of Tolerance” and “Zone of Influence”. It also enables participants to understand the difference between “Victim” mode and “Accountable” mode.

  • Law of 2 Hands

    This module guides participants on taking the onus of what is happening to them. It also introduces important aspects of accountability.

Execution Excellence

  • Time Management and Prioritization

    This module introduces participants to the time sheet, as well as taking time out for self-development.

  • Dealing with Change

    This module introduces concepts of change such as: What is change? Why to change? How to deal with change? Why do we resist change?

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