Sprint Strategy

The long term strategy is dead, It is the age of the sprint With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, clear Strategic thinking is more important than ever. We were used to developing long-term business strategies spanning over years and make significant investments in planning long-term. However, the business environment now has become […]

Leader of Leaders

Overview Great leaders inspire, motivate, and develop future leaders to drive executive excellence Leadership is an art and also a science which needs to be nurtured in a progressive way. Pragati Leadership’s Leader of Leaders program provides experienced Leaders the required incremental inputs in their journey to the next level. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Build […]

Leading in a VUCA World

Overview Construct a leadership culture of change and capable of organizational transformation Business environment today is highly dynamic and complex. Organizations need to not only manage clients, employees and stakeholders but also Political, Social and Environmental factors effectively. To thrive in a VUCA world, organizations must accelerate the development of cognitive readiness in high potential […]

How Do You Know Your Leaders are Ready and Capable?

In a recent conversation, the CEO of a well-run organization expressed this question and it got me thinking – is leadership development addressed sufficiently well by organizations and the owners of the organization? Let’s begin with the CEO’s question. Common sense thinking would be to have a competent person for the job. But in the […]


The Role of Leaders in Creating Happiness

All business leaders are expected to deliver results for the organization. However the role of leaders in creating happiness is lesser understood and also contested by many leaders. Let’s take the conversation to an era, where leaders were essentially rulers of a tribe, clan or a kingdom. There are numerous folk tales where the kings […]


Navigating Change

Overview Harness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation. With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, developing Strategic Mindset is vital for Leaders to formulate and execute strategies in an organization. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Define VUCA world and its implications for Leadership […]

The Yogical Leader

Today is the 4th International Yoga day and many organizations catching up with the trend would organize seminars or workshops on Yoga. Leaders would extol the virtues of yoga, people would bend and stretch their bodies and feel rejuvenated to take on the challenges at work!  And like for everything else, the momentary engagement would […]


Fun Vs Happiness at Work

Fun vs. Happiness: I always thought both these were synonymous with each other. I often used the words interchangeably in conversations. It was only recently that something set me thinking. An organization started an initiative on Creating Happiness for all employees. The intent was of course pretty commonsensical: happier employees lead to better engagement at […]


First Time Manager – Avoid these Mistakes

Being a First Time Manager (FTM) can be very exciting at first, overwhelming in the middle and enlightening in the latter part 🙂 Are you interested in learning about 7 mistakes FTM’s make? Then read on… Still thinking like an Individual contributor: You are a star performer! Based on your performance and potential you have […]


Five Mistakes Most First Time Managers Make at Least Once

Ranjan was slightly nervous since yesterday. His manager has called him for a meeting today. This was his first review meeting after his promotion as a Manager. He could not sleep well yesterday and reached office quite early. He was reviewing the current progress of the projects that he was handling so that he will […]


Big Picture Thinking

Mountains and hills have always drawn me. When I reflect on what the source of this attraction is, one of them is the view from the summit. Whether it is the view of the whole area of Srinagar and the Dal Lake from the top of the Shankracharya Hill  in Kashmir; or the view of […]


Wholesome Leadership and Self Mastery

This article explains the concept of a new leadership paradigm which is based on an understanding of our intrinsic “oneness” and “interconnectedness”. This is called “Wholesome Leadership”. Wholesome leaders actively deliver value to all stakeholders. The leaders of today need to be different from the leaders of yesterday. Today, business can no longer see itself as an isolated island dedicated merely to the creation of shareholder wealth. Business Leaders have begun to recognize their larger role in delivering value to all stakeholders and preserving the environment for future generations.


Realism v/s Optimism

As the new financial year is about to begin, organizations and their leaders look at the goals they want to take for themselves.  The process of goal setting, and its results are often influenced by the mindset of the leader.  A lot of organizations often use the following clichés while goal setting.          Let’s plan […]


Business Leadership vs Functional Leadership

One of the most important development areas of senior leaders in business is the transition into business leadership roles  after being in a functional role. Enabling senior leaders with the mindset and paradigm change required for this role is a very common industry need. In most typical organizations,technical expertise and the competencies required to execute […]