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Building Collabotation and Trust in uncertain Times With the ratio of negative to positive reportings in the media at 21:1, what would a normal person conclude? “Most life is bad. Can’t Trust Anyone These Days!” Coincidentally, as trust on institutions and corporations has taken a severe beating in the last couple of decades, this schema […]

Executive Coaching

Overview Harness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation. Our Leading Change Leadership training program is designed to inspire leaders to revolutionize their outlook and enable them to create winning businesses. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Appreciate the importance of change for the success of the […]

Barbarians at the gate

Change has never been this fast, it will be never this slow again We all know that Information Age is coming to an end and we may be entering the “Experience Age.” The old ways are becoming irrelevant. The new ways are not yet fully discovered. This is the messy middle. A period of trial […]

What do you react to?

We react at many different levels in our day-to-day interactions. 2 incidences of strong reactions are still etched in my memory. One was about my own reaction. The other incident involved other people driving on the road. In the event of the first incident, I was taken unaware!  I had just come out of a […]


How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a surviving skill in every phase of life. Be it shopping or working – understanding the science behind negotiation is really necessary. In this competitive era, skills and hard-work are incomplete if you don’t ace the negotiation skills. It all depends on who closes the deal. Today the definition of success also depends […]


Manager Development Program

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The group of coachees faced issue in identifying key competencies required to excel at senior and mid management level and also in mapping team’s alignment with organization’s vision. The team also lacked motivation to achieve the goal. Solution created collectivelyThe intervention was a balanced mix of leadership training […]

Creating High Potential Leaders

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The participants were facing challenges investing in people development and identifying performance and innovation drivers. Solution created collectivelyThe executive coaching process included one to one coaching as well as group coaching/ module delivery. The modules covered various topics of leadership, emotional awareness to importance of goal setting. The […]

Why Health Should be a Priority for Leaders

We grew up learning ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise!”. In the last century though, while we have become wealthier and wiser, we seem to have received a beating on the health front. Many problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Thyroid etc. hitting individuals at a very young age. Senior leadership is expressing concern […]


She is the Real Shero

Women are approximately 50% of the world’s population and therefore should be in a position of tremendous power, responsibility across all sectors. Women should be in major decision-making and influencing roles. Whether to sanction sanctions on another country or create policy changes in the nation or be part of the merger/demerger decisions, they should be […]


How Do You Know Your Leaders are Ready and Capable?

In a recent conversation, the CEO of a well-run organization expressed this question and it got me thinking – is leadership development addressed sufficiently well by organizations and the owners of the organization? Let’s begin with the CEO’s question. Common sense thinking would be to have a competent person for the job. But in the […]


The Role of Leaders in Creating Happiness

All business leaders are expected to deliver results for the organization. However the role of leaders in creating happiness is lesser understood and also contested by many leaders. Let’s take the conversation to an era, where leaders were essentially rulers of a tribe, clan or a kingdom. There are numerous folk tales where the kings […]


Coaching : The way to create medal winners?

Thanks to the quadrennial Asian Games, working professionals all over the world are paying attention to the world outside their cubicles. There’s a lot of excitement in India as many sportspersons are bringing home medals in different disciplines. If you look at India’s performance at the Asian Games, we have historically been most successful in […]


Yoga and Organizational Performance

Mention the word “Yoga” and the first image that comes to mind is someone engaged in a special physical asana (or pose). Yoga is much more than stretching the body. It is more about the resonance that comes from being deeply connected with awareness, with other people and with the natural environment. Leaders working mindfully with a sense […]


Mistakes to Avoid for a First Time Coach

“Congrats Prakash, on completing your Coaching training and becoming a coach!” Prakash accepted my compliments with a smile on his face. He said,”Hemant, I am happy at the same time a little anxious about starting my first coaching engagement next week. And I don’t want to make any mistakes. Can you guide me?” I readily […]


How to succeed as an Executive coach?

“How to succeed as an Executive coach?” my friend Prashant was asking me on phone, he was starting his first assignment in a few weeks. I said, “Sure, will discuss. Why don’t you come over for a cup of coffee over the weekend and we will chat up.” Saturday evening in my terrace with a […]


Difference between Coaching and Consulting

Coaching….the first picture that comes to mind is of Pulela Gopichand behind PV Sindhu or Andre Agassi cheering Novak Djokovic from the stands. In the cut throat corporate world however, coaching takes on a new meaning. If you are an executive coach you would be dealing with the top people in an organization – the […]


Key Things to Remember as an Executive Coach

Know the difference between Coaching and other professions: If you were a Behavioral Trainer or Consultant before becoming an Executive Coach, it always helps to remember the key differences in these roles! You would consciously need to move away from the role of ‘telling’ to ‘eliciting’. For some of us, it is tough to make this […]


5 Tips to Succeed as First Time Manager

1. You are a manager NOW: Believe it and Behave like one! Since you have something special than your colleagues, you have been promoted as a ‘manager’. BELIEVE IT! Let your body language, choice of words, the way you work tell the outside world that the company’s decision was right! 2. Follow ‘70-20-10 rule’ You […]


From Just Another Option to Employer of Choice

How can your organization transition from being ‘just another option’ for talent, to being ’employer of choice’? In this blog post, Aman Zaidi explains the factors influencing talent engagement and how to create an organization that your employees will love to work for.


Synopsis of Carpe Diem Mumbai 2013, August 9

Theme: Wholesome Leadership – A paradigm shift in leading change Venue: Sofitel Hotel, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai Date and Time: 9th August 2013, 6.30pm onwards Panel: Participant Profile: Top Leadership (Non-HR), Top HR and L&D leaders; Sectors represented included Banking & Finance, Telecom, FMCG, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Insurance, Realty, Pharma, Engineering, Designing, Real estate etc. with a […]