UNMANAGEMENT – Managing in tune

Managing in tune with the creative intelligence of life Despite life on earth having thrived for nearly 3.8 billion years without man, humans live and works under the illusion they are the masters of the Earth, and that they manage everything! This fallacious core assumption is based on a fictitious self (or ego) which is […]

Trending to Zero

Building Collabotation and Trust in uncertain Times With the ratio of negative to positive reportings in the media at 21:1, what would a normal person conclude? “Most life is bad. Can’t Trust Anyone These Days!” Coincidentally, as trust on institutions and corporations has taken a severe beating in the last couple of decades, this schema […]

First Time Managers programme in Pune

When an individual contributor’s responsibility is enhanced and involves managing others, it’s a critical transition for both, the organization and the person. Pragati Leadership’s unique program for First Time Managers ensures that you create empowered and engaged managers, and achieve your organizational goals.

Sprint Strategy

The long term strategy is dead, It is the age of the sprint With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, clear Strategic thinking is more important than ever. We were used to developing long-term business strategies spanning over years and make significant investments in planning long-term. However, the business environment now has become […]

Barbarians at the gate

Change has never been this fast, it will be never this slow again We all know that Information Age is coming to an end and we may be entering the “Experience Age.” The old ways are becoming irrelevant. The new ways are not yet fully discovered. This is the messy middle. A period of trial […]

Leading for Success

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The Coachee organization wanted a program for first line managers to address the transition from individual contributor to Manager and managing people. Solution created collectivelyThe intervention process began with profiling of participants with the help of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool. They were then made to understand […]

Who Killed The Customer

It’s a jungle out there, and the fittest will survive. This adage stands true to the business world too except it reads like this” It’s a buyer’s market out there and only the most obsessed about customer success will survive. It is a researched fact that it is already difficult for businesses to keep customers […]

Manager As A Coach

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The challenge faced by the group of coachee was about equiping the managers with tools to improve their coaching skills for creating excellence. Solution created collectivelyOne on one interviews with selected participants were conducted and introduced to priniciples of Coaching process and the skills required. After 30-60 days […]

Leading at the edge of the chaos

We grow in direct proportion to the amount of chaos we can sustain and dissipate- Ilya Prigogine. The business world today is more complex and highly interconnected then it was ever before. One decision or event in a corner of the world, where you seem to have no stake in, or an industry you don’t […]

High Impact Leadership Coaching

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The business challenge of the participants was about adapting to global diversity and tapping real potentials of Senior Managers to achieve goals and focus on opportunities. Solution created collectively14 coaching session were conducted in a span of 3 months. The interventions were done with an objective of enabling […]

First Time Managers programme in Pune on 5th and 6th August

When an individual contributor’s responsibility is enhanced and involves managing others, it’s a critical transition for both, the organization and the person. Pragati Leadership’s unique program for First Time Managers ensures that you create empowered and engaged managers, and achieve your organizational goals.

Leader of Leaders

Overview Great leaders inspire, motivate, and develop future leaders to drive executive excellence Leadership is an art and also a science which needs to be nurtured in a progressive way. Pragati Leadership’s Leader of Leaders program provides experienced Leaders the required incremental inputs in their journey to the next level. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Build […]

Developing Coaching Skills

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The coachee were facing challenges in people development and identifying Leadership essentials for the transition from First Time Managers to Deputy Managers. Solution created collectivelyThree day intervention was used to train the participants on Coaching skills. Based on Coaching Model, importance and relevance of coaching was introduced to […]

4 Things Every First Time Manager Should do to Become the Best Boss

Congratulations, you are a manager now! That’s great news, isn’t it? That cabin which you’ve always been vying for is finally yours. Is the much-awaited promotion making you feel equal parts happy, overwhelmed as well as anxious? Don’t worry – every first time manager feels this healthy combination of feelings. Your journey until now was […]


Accelerated Manager Development Program

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The participants were facing challenges during their transition from the level of First Time Managers to their current role of Middle Management and hence there was a need on building critical competencies required to shift to the Middle Management Position. Solution created collectivelyThe coaching process began in 4 […]

How to Have an Incredibly Collaborative Team?

When we think of sports, we think of fun and entertainment; we think of energy and performance. But when you take a closer look, sports are one of the best representations of teamwork and collaboration. A group of individuals come together to accomplish a particular goal. Legendary Basketball Coach Phil Jackson once said “For a […]


Managerial Excellence

Overview Strong Leaders at all levels (first time leader to executive leader) within an organization are critical for achieving business success. Individuals who take up the Leadership role for the first time are as important as those who are experienced. Being promoted to a Management position is exciting but it can be challenging as it […]

Developing Healthy Relationships at the Workplace

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The need was to train the internal trainers and create a ‘Train the Trainer’ module to train the Heads and Section Heads and in turn to equip them to train supervisors and line engineers for meaningful dialogues in the workforce. Solution created collectivelyDiagnostic study was conducted as the […]

Bonding for Greatness

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The need was to conduct a team building training program for developing managerial excellence for the senior managers. Solution created collectivelyPre and post program study was conducted. The intervention began with helping the managers to identify their strengths in the team and introduced to the concept of AAG- […]

Why most Leadership Trainings don’t work?

Most organizations realize the importance of leadership development. However, their intention to develop powerful leaders often ends up being a damp squib or an also ran exercise. Clearly, the business leaders have not paid closer attention to the factors which contribute to the success of leadership training programs. Through my own experience as a recipient […]


First Time Manager – Avoid these Mistakes

Being a First Time Manager (FTM) can be very exciting at first, overwhelming in the middle and enlightening in the latter part 🙂 Are you interested in learning about 7 mistakes FTM’s make? Then read on… Still thinking like an Individual contributor: You are a star performer! Based on your performance and potential you have […]


Performance Management

Overview Effective performance management is critical to formal and informal business process in aligning employees, resources, and systems to meet their strategic objectives. Performance management is the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. Organizations get equipped to create a shared […]

Qualities and Characteristics of a Successful Manager

Knowing, Understanding and Managing your stakeholders: According to my understanding of the subject one of the most important and yet neglected areas for a Manager is knowing your stakeholder. Because once you know your stakeholder and ask from them their expectation from you as a manager then & only then you will be able to […]


Successful traits of a First Time Manager

At a very fast pace, companies churn out FTM’s. Little do the employees know that though the sound of a new designation might sound nice, the title carries a lot more responsibility. It is not easy transforming oneself from an individual contributor to a team manager or leader. The new role differs in skills, competencies […]


Five Mistakes Most First Time Managers Make at Least Once

Ranjan was slightly nervous since yesterday. His manager has called him for a meeting today. This was his first review meeting after his promotion as a Manager. He could not sleep well yesterday and reached office quite early. He was reviewing the current progress of the projects that he was handling so that he will […]


5 Tips to Succeed as First Time Manager

1. You are a manager NOW: Believe it and Behave like one! Since you have something special than your colleagues, you have been promoted as a ‘manager’. BELIEVE IT! Let your body language, choice of words, the way you work tell the outside world that the company’s decision was right! 2. Follow ‘70-20-10 rule’ You […]


Three Lessons Learnt as a First Time Manager

Congratulations, you are a manager now – a ‘First Time Manager’. Wow! Here are three lessons that I learnt many years ago, when I became a manager for the first time. You will be told less; you will be asked more. Life would have been simpler if you were told what to do, when to […]


Silent is an Anagram of Listen

Photo credit: The Brit_2 via Foter.com/ CC BY-NC-ND For some years now, I’ve been practicing chanting, in the presence of a spiritual master, and with a group of fellow seekers, and gained many insights from this practice. Yet I was struck recently, by a deeply profound insight, so simple yet so powerful that it just […]


Creating the GOD Company

There is divinity in every enterprise, Big and Small. I will go so far as saying there is GOD in every enterprise! Did you just raise an eyebrow? Let me explain. Spiritually speaking, if GOD is in each one of us and we’re but HIS manifestation, shouldn’t there be a more powerful version of HIM in a […]


Exit: Managers Enter: Intrapreneurs

Circa recent past: You’re an efficient Manager at a reputed enterprise. You enter office at 9a.m in full corporate armoury. You fasten your seat belt, focus on deliverables and get cracking. Before you know it, the clock has struck 5p.m. You shut shop and ride back home. This happens sometimes. Most other times, you’re clocking […]