Virtual Solutions

Overview Pragati Leadership has aggressively re-configured its key programs for delivery through virtual platforms to ensure that your learning needs are met even in today’s scenario. We have sharpened the skills of our experienced facilitators in the usage of virtual platforms for the delivery of engaging training sessions. We are competent to deliver the programs […]

Culture Of Coaching

Overview Harness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation. Our Leading Change Leadership training program is designed to inspire leaders to revolutionize their outlook and enable them to create winning businesses. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Appreciate the importance of change for the success of the […]

UNMANAGEMENT – Managing in tune

Managing in tune with the creative intelligence of life Despite life on earth having thrived for nearly 3.8 billion years without man, humans live and works under the illusion they are the masters of the Earth, and that they manage everything! This fallacious core assumption is based on a fictitious self (or ego) which is […]

Why Corporate Communication Training is Important

Communication has always been at the core of human society to the extent that there would be no relationships without communication. Without language, human society itself would cease to exist. Human beings are innately social animals, and how we connect with one another defines us – right from our development as children to our relationships […]


3 Key Roles of a Leader to Support & Manage the Work from Home Virtual Teams

There is little left to dispute the fact that Covid-19 has taken the definition of “work from home” to the next level. While a few employees were already accustomed to working from home, at least part of their times, the new reformation has now extended this (in)convenience of working from home to all of us, […]


Executive Coaching

Overview Harness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation. Our Leading Change Leadership training program is designed to inspire leaders to revolutionize their outlook and enable them to create winning businesses. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Appreciate the importance of change for the success of the […]

4 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Leadership Training in 2020

If you have worked enough in the corporate sector, you must have by now come across the term “leadership training program”. And if you are fortunate, you might have as well been through one of these programs yourself. If you have already been there and done that, there is no need for me to emphasize […]


Leadership and Living in the Now

In my brief vacations from conducting leadership development programs and sometimes even as a part of it, I have travelled several tourist destinations in India and across the globe mostly with tourist groups. Time and again I have noticed during these trips, that many of my fellow tourists on reaching a destination will immediately ask […]


Leading for Success

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The Coachee organization wanted a program for first line managers to address the transition from individual contributor to Manager and managing people. Solution created collectivelyThe intervention process began with profiling of participants with the help of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool. They were then made to understand […]

Who Killed The Customer

It’s a jungle out there, and the fittest will survive. This adage stands true to the business world too except it reads like this” It’s a buyer’s market out there and only the most obsessed about customer success will survive. It is a researched fact that it is already difficult for businesses to keep customers […]

The Agility Imperative

Speculation about what the post-COVID world will look like is on the rise. Will business and life in general go back to normal, with COVID-19 being just another event in human history to be turned into a case study for business and medical schools? Or will the new normal be as different from what was […]


Leading at the edge of the chaos

We grow in direct proportion to the amount of chaos we can sustain and dissipate- Ilya Prigogine. The business world today is more complex and highly interconnected then it was ever before. One decision or event in a corner of the world, where you seem to have no stake in, or an industry you don’t […]

What do you react to?

We react at many different levels in our day-to-day interactions. 2 incidences of strong reactions are still etched in my memory. One was about my own reaction. The other incident involved other people driving on the road. In the event of the first incident, I was taken unaware!  I had just come out of a […]


Pragati Leadership gets quoted in The Indian express

A nine-day training programme on “Ethics and Values in Public Governance” for employees of the Administrative Training Institutes and Central Training Institutes was conducted by IC Centre for Governance and Pragati Leadership.

Executive Presence

Overview Executive presence training to command authority & leadership There are some people whose presence is noticed in ways even when they don’t speak or act. Executive presence is now counted as one of the essential competencies required for Leaders to successfully influence the Stakeholders. This program will initiate you on the journey of developing […]

How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a surviving skill in every phase of life. Be it shopping or working – understanding the science behind negotiation is really necessary. In this competitive era, skills and hard-work are incomplete if you don’t ace the negotiation skills. It all depends on who closes the deal. Today the definition of success also depends […]


Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance

Today’s hectic lifestyle and competitive work environment leave us very little time for our self and our families. While we may be climbing ladders at our workplace, we might be doing so at the cost of our other life, the one at home. Hence, many corporate employees are found struggling rather unsuccessfully to strike a […]


Manager Development Program

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The group of coachees faced issue in identifying key competencies required to excel at senior and mid management level and also in mapping team’s alignment with organization’s vision. The team also lacked motivation to achieve the goal. Solution created collectivelyThe intervention was a balanced mix of leadership training […]

Leadership Training in India

A global study on leadership by Korn Ferry which takes in consideration the view of investors and experts on leadership of companies states that only 26% of business leaders are equipped to lead future businesses in India.[1] Such study shows the real challenge India is facing while training the next gen leaders. To move up […]


Mindful and Wholesome Leadership – How Can You Practice It?

Mindful leader development practices are prevalent everywhere. One of the top leadership development programs launched by Google called “Search Inside Yourself” is a popular course which revolves around wholesome leadership wherein the employees learn about emotional intelligence and meditation. The course teaches you to master your emotions, train your mind and more importantly, gives you […]


4 Things Every First Time Manager Should do to Become the Best Boss

Congratulations, you are a manager now! That’s great news, isn’t it? That cabin which you’ve always been vying for is finally yours. Is the much-awaited promotion making you feel equal parts happy, overwhelmed as well as anxious? Don’t worry – every first time manager feels this healthy combination of feelings. Your journey until now was […]


Leading virtual teams

Overview Leading virtual teams training programs for all professionals. The team is virtual, but the people in that team are real. They have real hopes and fears, ambitions and interests; knowledge and skill needs and—maybe most importantly—communications needs. And therefore it is essential to understand importance of Leading Virtual Teams in order to ensure collaboration […]

How to Have an Incredibly Collaborative Team?

When we think of sports, we think of fun and entertainment; we think of energy and performance. But when you take a closer look, sports are one of the best representations of teamwork and collaboration. A group of individuals come together to accomplish a particular goal. Legendary Basketball Coach Phil Jackson once said “For a […]


Developing Healthy Relationships at the Workplace

The Need Issue faced by the coachee The need was to train the internal trainers and create a ‘Train the Trainer’ module to train the Heads and Section Heads and in turn to equip them to train supervisors and line engineers for meaningful dialogues in the workforce. Solution created collectivelyDiagnostic study was conducted as the […]

How to Design an Effective Leadership Development Program?

Today, the question isn’t whether you should invest in Leadership Development Program or not, many top MNCs like EY, Amazon and Marriott International throughout the globe are investing heavily in their leadership program and reaping the benefits. The real question is, how can you build an effective leadership program to help your organization and identify […]


Inspiring Facilitator TM

Overview Harness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation. Our Leading Change Leadership training program is designed to inspire leaders to revolutionize their outlook and enable them to create winning businesses. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Appreciate the importance of change for the success of the […]

She is the Real Shero

Women are approximately 50% of the world’s population and therefore should be in a position of tremendous power, responsibility across all sectors. Women should be in major decision-making and influencing roles. Whether to sanction sanctions on another country or create policy changes in the nation or be part of the merger/demerger decisions, they should be […]


Creating Organizational Culture

Overview Evolution and Enculturation of the Vision, Mission and Values. Co-create or revisit Vision, evolve their Mission and define their Values. Support in the designing of a system that would enable these to be inculcated into the organizational transformation culture. This is based on three pillars: Communication and Training Structures to support the inculcation of […]


Welcome Pragati Leadership gives you the opportunity for personal, professional and wholesome growth Welcome to Pragati Leadership! For close to 30 years, we’ve been a trusted learning & leadership development partner that transforms people, teams and organizations for breakthrough business results. Our work is based on integrating powerful leadership tools with spiritual awareness. Our strength […]


Coaching : The way to create medal winners?

Thanks to the quadrennial Asian Games, working professionals all over the world are paying attention to the world outside their cubicles. There’s a lot of excitement in India as many sportspersons are bringing home medals in different disciplines. If you look at India’s performance at the Asian Games, we have historically been most successful in […]


Yoga and Organizational Performance

Mention the word “Yoga” and the first image that comes to mind is someone engaged in a special physical asana (or pose). Yoga is much more than stretching the body. It is more about the resonance that comes from being deeply connected with awareness, with other people and with the natural environment. Leaders working mindfully with a sense […]



Our team of qualified corporate trainers Highly qualified facilitators with valuable hands-on corporate work experience to draw upon. Our team includes several former CxOs and has conducted thousands of programs designed to meet many different challenges for a diverse set of organizations. Anand Munshi Anitha Balraj Anu Wakhlu Arun Wakhlu Dr. Kalindi Bhat Dr. Niloufer […]


Why most Leadership Trainings don’t work?

Most organizations realize the importance of leadership development. However, their intention to develop powerful leaders often ends up being a damp squib or an also ran exercise. Clearly, the business leaders have not paid closer attention to the factors which contribute to the success of leadership training programs. Through my own experience as a recipient […]



The pragati Leadership difference Developing future ready leaders who co-create profitable, sustainable and joyful businesses. Leadership Development Organizational Transformation Developing Collaboration Capability Building Learning Solutions Virtual Solutions Leadership Development Organizational Transformation Developing Collaboration Capability Building CoachMantra TM Virtual Solutions Virtual Solutions Leadership Development We work on the development of Leaders at all levels – entry […]


Business Communication

Overview Business Communication is a key Leadership training to succeed in today’s wcorporate world. Business Communication will cover all the aspects of communication and the participants will be able to understand the importance of effective business communication and the use of correct mode of business communication. Enquire Now Learning Objectives Demonstrate effective Business Communication at […]

Mistakes to Avoid for a First Time Coach

“Congrats Prakash, on completing your Coaching training and becoming a coach!” Prakash accepted my compliments with a smile on his face. He said,”Hemant, I am happy at the same time a little anxious about starting my first coaching engagement next week. And I don’t want to make any mistakes. Can you guide me?” I readily […]


How to succeed as an Executive coach?

“How to succeed as an Executive coach?” my friend Prashant was asking me on phone, he was starting his first assignment in a few weeks. I said, “Sure, will discuss. Why don’t you come over for a cup of coffee over the weekend and we will chat up.” Saturday evening in my terrace with a […]


Key Things to Remember as an Executive Coach

Know the difference between Coaching and other professions: If you were a Behavioral Trainer or Consultant before becoming an Executive Coach, it always helps to remember the key differences in these roles! You would consciously need to move away from the role of ‘telling’ to ‘eliciting’. For some of us, it is tough to make this […]


Leading, Facilitating, Selling – It’s all One

As an entrepreneur leading a leadership development company, I meet many excellent facilitators and consultants who often complain to each other, “I’m just not into marketing and business development. Give me the work, and I’ll do it. I wasn’t put on planet earth to be a salesperson”. Similarly, I meet leaders who do not see […]


Personal Leadership: Using My Strengths to Achieve Peak Performance

In the corporate world the word “Personal Leadership” is a new lingo to use. Personal leadership is growing the leader within YOU. When you practice personal leadership traits, you lead from inside out. Therefore, I thought of penning down some real life practices of an Icon who rewrote the game of boxing, which earned him the name […]


What Could Employment Look Like in 2040?

Recently, my neighbour and future-enthusiast, Ashish Joshi, shared an example of how new technology like 3D printing could impact jobs. He quotes a scenario where you walk into a shoe store, put your feet on a scanner and the digital blueprint of your feet and data of bones and muscle structure is passed to a computing […]


Silent is an Anagram of Listen

Photo credit: The Brit_2 via CC BY-NC-ND For some years now, I’ve been practicing chanting, in the presence of a spiritual master, and with a group of fellow seekers, and gained many insights from this practice. Yet I was struck recently, by a deeply profound insight, so simple yet so powerful that it just […]


Building a Culture of Learning and Engagement – Part 2

Continuing with the ideas I had shared in my previous post, Building a Culture of Learning and Engagement, we need to find processes for learning and engagement that engage the mind-body-spirit of our employees. This would help to make employee engagement not just an intervention but a way of life in our organizations. I received […]


Building a Culture of Learning and Engagement

In today’s dynamic environment, the Learning and HR function faces unprecedented challenges, both internal and external, which impact the culture and working environment of their organizations. External challenges are related to the fast pace of change and a highly ambiguous environment which demands innovative and speedy responses continuously. The slowdown of economies the world over, […]


CEOs! 3 Ways to Get ‘Boarding Completed’ So that Your Flight can Take Off

Hundreds of people are gathered in an airport terminal, ready for the journey that will take them to their destination, shuffling along the passageways. It’s only when every single passenger is on-board that the crew can confirm that ‘boarding is complete’, and the pilot can take off. If even a single passenger fails to board, […]


Developing a second line of Leaders

Leadership is ultimately about developing other Leaders.There are many qualities of Leadership that we seek in our leaders that are highly valued eg Integrity,Business Acumen,Power of Vision etc. These are certainly important . However the primary task of Leadership is to develop other leaders and therefore build organization capability for the present and the future. […]


From Just Another Option to Employer of Choice

How can your organization transition from being ‘just another option’ for talent, to being ’employer of choice’? In this blog post, Aman Zaidi explains the factors influencing talent engagement and how to create an organization that your employees will love to work for.


Developing a Second Line of Leadership

As the primary task of leadership is to develop other leaders and build the organization’s capacity for the present and the future, this article outlines the role that the primary stakeholders play in developing a second line of leadership for the organization.


Uncomfortable Questions

Many years ago, I was a young manager joining a new organisation. The thing I remember most from that time is the welcome I got from our Vice President. After dispensing with the formalities and getting to know me a little, he moved on to telling me how I could be successful there. He asked […]


ICF-Approved Coach Training Program starting March 21st

The Pragati FastTrack Coaching Program is a 60-hr, ICF-Approved Coach Training program ideal for leaders who want to hone their coaching skills. We prepare you towards becoming an accredited coach, keeping an Indian business context! Book your slot today!


What Organisations can Learn from Masterchef Australia

I don’t watch much TV, and I definitely don’t watch reality shows, but in a contradiction of all of that, I do get to see Masterchef Australia pretty regularly because of my better half’s interest in all things culinary. I’ve been following the 2012 edition on Star World. I’ve always admired the show for the […]


The Perfectionist Mind-set

I am sometimes accused by colleagues and family of being a perfectionist. Specifically, I am accused of being perennially dissatisfied about training scores. Even though this isn’t wholly accurate, I plead guilty. I do tend to stay focused on what could’ve been done better. I agree that this is an opportunity area for me. I realise that […]


Profit through the Prophets

What the corporate world teaches you versus what spiritual wisdom says… The Age of Extreme Greed The wisdom of teachers, thinkers, prophets and great men has abounded for thousands of years. Despite this great body of wisdom, when we look around us today, we realize that we struggle to conduct ourselves in a manner becoming […]