Strategic Mindset for Leaders

With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, developing Strategic Mindset is vital for Leaders to formulate and execute strategies in an organization.


By attending this Leadership Development program, you will learn processes, tools and techniques to:

  • Understand the relevance of Strategy in a Leadership role
  • Understand the link between Vision and Strategic Initiatives
  • Apply principles of strategic thinking to the departments/functions
  • Learn techniques for developing and tracking execution of business strategy.

Why this Program

To survive and prosper in a globalized market, corporate strategists have to not only formulate the precise strategy, but also understand how to implement it effectively. Strategic Mindset guides the leaders to continuously tune and adapt to the dynamic business environment.

Key Benefits to the Participants

By attending this Leadership program, participants would be able to:

  • Design winning Strategies that align with organization culture and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Develop strategic mind-set to balance core business and new initiatives.
  • Use analytical tools to identify and evaluate a business’s strategy and its position in the industry.

Key Benefits to the Organization

By attending this Leadership program, organization would be able to:

  • Build the strategic abilities of the top leadership team
  • Enhance ability to capitalize on the market opportunities by leveraging organizational strengths.
  • Improve the implementation of Organizational Strategies


  • 1 Day or 2 Days

Who should attend

  • Senior-level executives to division manager at the corporate, business, or functional level in an organization.

Strategy and its relevance

  • Leadership role and relevance of Strategy
  • Understanding connection of Vision, Business Goals and Strategy
  • Building blocks of Strategy development and Execution

Developing Strategic Mind-set

  • Tips to develop Strategic mind-set – Strategic quadrant of Time management
  • Business Acumen basics – Growth with Profits
  • Identifying Patterns that can impact Strategies
  • Role of Possibility thinking in developing Strategies

Strategy Development

  • Strategy Development Process – Analysis, Strategy formulation, selection and prioritization
  • Analysis – Porter’s forces, Patterns, Understanding the business environment – Micro & Macro, PESTLE, Portfolio analysis – BCG, SWOT analysis

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Formulation of Strategies

  • Porter’s Model – Generic Strategies, what is Value curve, How Can We Innovate to enhance value Delivery, Blue Ocean, Read ocean strategy, Portfolio planning
  • Strategy selection – Decision Grid, Paired comparison, Hedgehog

Our Leadership Training Kit Uses

  • Presentation

  • Game/Activity

  • Role Plays

  • Discussion

  • Films

  • Storytelling

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