Kanishka Singhee

Building Personal Effectiveness, Self -Management, Career Planning & Career Development, Stress Management, Interpersonal Skills, Child & Youth Development Programme.

Kanishka Singhee Full Profile

With more than 20 years of diversified experience across industries, Kanishka is adept at facilitating programs on Building Personal Effectiveness and Self -Management, Gestalt Therapy, Managing Stress through Art, Stress Management for Educators and students. Kanishka works as a career consultant for adults and youth.

As a Facilitator: Kanishka has helped participants develop life-transforming skills related to managing self and learning life skills. Effectively managing stress and used art as a means for stress management and counselling.

Kanishka has an experince of over 10 years in the FMCG and Education Fields and has Conducted many programs in self & stress management.Prior to joining Pragati Leadership, Kanishka worked as Chief Operations Officer – Mid India Foods Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur, where she was involved with managing junior, middle and senior level employees with regards to production and purchase planning and the day to day operations.

Kanishka started her career with Associated Bread Company, handling operations and production. She has also worked as Counselor- Facilitator with Educational Institutions like – The Orchid School & the Centre Point School.
She set up and managed the Learning & Development Centre for The Orchid School.

Sectors Served: Manufacturing, Finance, FMCG, Education etc.

Customers Served: Atlas Copco, HDFC Bank, PepsiCo International & Lehar Foods etc.

Certified StrengthscopeTM Accredited Partner and certified ‘Inspiring Facilitator’.

1. Masters in Clinical Psychology.

2. Diploma School Psychology.

3. Diploma in Business Management.

Kanishka is Known for her “Can do” attitude and going the extra mile for her clients. She is able to positively employ aspects of her personality such as being extremely understanding, intuitive to be able to better connect with people which is something she enjoys immensely. She believes that every individual has his/ her own strength and the right support and direction will help them achieve their potential to the full. What brought her to Pragati Leadership? It was her keen desire to learn, share & implement, meet new people and help individuals achieve their highest potential.

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