Leader of Managers

Advanced Leadership practices for inspiring people, developing people and driving execution excellence.


Build on the essential leadership skills and attitudes and learn advanced techniques and practices for inspiring people, developing people and achieving execution excellence

Learn to lead and manage direct reports who themselves are managers of teams

Who should attend?

Leaders who are managing managers. Typically more than 5 years of managerial experience

Assessment Tools

  • Strengthscope
  • 360 degree
  • LPI
  • MBTI

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The programme addresses the following themes

  • Understanding the Role

  • Inspiring people

    i. Influencing
    ii. Inspirational communication
    iii. Self-Mastery, mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing people

    i. Adapting leadership style
    ii. Career planning
    iii. Managing diversity

  • Achieving business results

    i. Conflict management
    ii. Decision making
    iii. Risk management

  • Preparing for the future

    i. Big picture thinking
    ii. Value innovation

LOL Programme Impact

Your Leader-of-Leaders begins to:

  • Spend time creating a shared vision with their direct reports
  • Take on leadership roles and at the same time effectively deal with firefighting and operational excellence
  • Contribute innovative ideas that can lead to significant improvements
  • Collaborate proactively and enthusiastically with peers across functions for overarching organizational goals
  • Use coaching as a method for developing direct reports
  • Influence peers and stakeholders in garnering support for their proposals and ideas
  • Become confident and composed in dealing with conflicts at all levels and exercise appropriate resolution approaches
  • Demonstrate more systematic and objective decision making

Case Studies for this Program

Case Study in the Manufacturing Sector

One of the critical training needs for the client organization was for a program on leadership essentials. This was for all the middle management staff. They had transitioned from the level of

first time mangers

to this role now and hence needed a program that focused on building critical competencies required to shift to the middle management position in the organization. This program needed to be based on the critical competencies for managing managers that had been identified by the organization.

Case Study in the ITES Sector

A group of operation managers and senior team leaders had been identified as high performance and high potential achievers.
The company wanted to empower them with leadership skills such as maturity, initiative, accountability and people orientation.

Case Study in the Financial Sector

The client company is one of the largest groups in financial services with over 2200 employees. The industry was facing tough times for the past 2–3 years and continued to be depressed for nearly a year. A new CEO had taken over from 2013 and restructuring within the team was done.

The employees were loyal to the company. This was demonstrated by the department heads that were with the company for nearly 10 years. The company, in turn, rewarded loyalty in the organization. The employees were highly competent in their work and had a vast networking strength.

Case Study in the Product Manufacturing Sector

The client wanted the Pragati Leadership to work on the key competencies required to excel at the level of senior and middle level management, suggest tools to identify where the teams are vis-à-vis where they should be. For example, 360 degree assessment, psychometric tools, assessment centers etc. and also suggest a road map and plan of action to fill the above identified gaps in a span of 5–6 months.

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