Wholesome Leadership


In a world that is experiencing profound and rapid transformation, how do we cocreate a future that works for all? One that is aligned with the intelligence, order and harmony so evident in the natural world?

We need a simpler way of leading anchored in love, the source of all values. A way of leading that creates value for all stakeholders with ease and grace. This is Wholesome LeadershipTM

Who should attend?

This retreat is for Business Leaders, BU Heads, CHROs, NGO Leaders and Business Owners.


  1. Vision
  2. Compassion
  3. Creativity
  4. Wholesome Action

The benefits to you from attending this retreat are:

A deep and practical understanding of Wholesome Leadership : its relevance and benefits for yourself, your organization and society as a whole.

Learning how to catalyze collective action through the practice of TM Wholesome Leadership.

Personal growth through new insights and practices during the programme, with ample space for silence, mindfulness and deep reflection in beautiful surroundings.

Brilliant networking opportunity with outstanding professionals to form an International Community of Practice.


Arun Wakhlu (from India) and Wilfried Claus (from The Netherlands) invite you to join a reflective retreat on Wholesome LeadershipTM at Zorba The Buddha, Delhi, India from 17th to 19th January 2020 and Asia Plateau, Panchgani, India from 9th March to 11th March 2020.

Through the practice of inner awakening and inner transformation (based on mindfulness and presence), a seeding of insights on Wholesome LeadershipTM and heartfelt conversations, we endeavour to facilitate the coming together of an international group of senior leaders. In our reflective time together, we will understand how to lead organizations from the heart and create spaces where people are willing to share openly, and joyfully take responsibility for inspired action.

You will also become a part of an international Community of Practice which will share insights and examples on Wholesome LeadershipTM in different business and social contexts.

We support and mentor you beyond the workshop:

1-hour post workshop webinar

Interesting articles and videos to keep your creativity going

Themes for the Leadership retreat…

Day 1

  • Context and Connections.
  • The Gifts we bring to the world.
  • What is Wholesome LeadershipTM (WL)?
  • Appreciative Inquiry on what is right with the World.

Day 2

  • Awakening WL in one’s own life…WL begins with me.
  • Compassion and Mindfulness.
  • Vision and Wholesome Leadership.

Day 3

  • Awakening Collective Action
  • Applications to our own areas of work.
  • Conversations using open space technology.
  • Celebration / Talent night.


  • The 10th edition workshop will begin on Friday, 17th January and conclude on the evening of 19th January.
  • The 11th edition workshop will begin on Monday, 9th March and conclude on the evening of 11th March.


  • The 10th edition workshop will be held at Zorba The Buddha, Delhi.
  • The 11th edition workshop will be held at Asia Plateau, Panchgani.

Arun Wakhlu is the Founder Director and Chief Mentor of Pragati Leadership, based in Pune, India. A spiritually inspired and professionally skilled community working with leading clients in 29 countries, Pragati Leadership works to unfold sustainable value for all stakeholders. Arun is also the Chairman of Pragati Foundation, an NGO working for catalyzing sustainable livelihoods and compassion in education.

Arun is a member of the global executive council of the Charter for Compassion. Author of the book “Managing from the Heart”, and co-author, of the book “One Wholesome World”, Arun has initiated and facilitated several international conferences to foster peace, prosperity and collaboration for compassion. He has logged over 30,000 hours of TM service in the area of Wholesome Leadership and Organizational Development.

His current area of active interest and focus is developing “i-Catalysts” and Wholesome Leaders: Conscious Leaders who catalyze accelerated innovation, inspiration, initiative and integration in organizations and society.

Wilfried Claus is a psychologist who has over three decades of leadership development experience working as a strategy consultant for Berenschot, serving as a senior executive in HR at Ericsson, ASML, and strategy director at Teijin. As a consultant and interim manager, he has guided strategic change processes at Vredestein, Numico, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NL), the FNV (unions), and Het Cultuurgebouw, a.o.

He has studied leadership development at Columbia University, Insead, Ashridge and IIM Bangalore. He has published and facilitated workshops on cultural change and Wholesome LeadershipTM. His understanding of leadership is also strongly influenced by his coaching of executives, being chairman of the United artist Dordrecht, advisory board member of EBBF, and chef in ‘Het Smulhuis’ shelter for homeless people.

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